Al Desnudo

This project, with which Metamorphosis Dance visited the Biennale di Venezia in 2021, shows the audience the pillars of the creative process in which the work by Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich is based. It is made in collaboration with the visual artist Danilo Moroni.

An artistic team ‘in the nude’ bares the guidelines for the company’s choreographic language.

What are the things the audience cannot normally see? How does the imagination of a dancer work in an improvisation? In which way do we utilize breathing? Al desnudo comes into being as an answer to many of the questions that are normally left unanswered for the spectator.

In this demanding and dynamic performance, music merges with movement. It is a game of contrasts where the sensitivity of the beginning with a duet of classical rhythm slowly turns into a very physical and explicit dance, guided by the compositions by Johan Wieslander.

The lighting, for which Danilo Moroni is in charge, is as much the protagonist of Al desnudo as the main performers. A vital naturalism taking control of the stage envelops the spectator in a continuous in crescendo as the play advances.

Projectors, music, technique, guided improvisation, and the voice-over by Aia Kruse Goenaga, who interprets the texts by Ansa and Bacovich, go hand in hand on stage. In the performance the recorded video and the streaming of what is happening on the stage come together.


Premios Max

With this play Iratxe Ansa was awarded the Max Prize for scenic Arts in 2021 in the category of Best Female Dance Performer.

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Duration: 55 minutes.

Choreography and dance: Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich
Visual artist: Danilo Moroni
Music: Philip Glass, Johan Wieslander
Musical arranger: Miguel Angel Burgos
Light design: Danilo Moroni
Costumes: Carmen Granell
Text: Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich
Voice: Aia Kruse Goenaga
Executive production: Spectare
Premiere: 26 June 2020, Festival Madrid en Danza, Sala Roja, Teatros del Canal

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