CreAcción is a coherent choreography with the characteristic aesthetics and staging already consolidated by Metamorphosis. Yet, it has come into being as the result of a very unusual process. The piece, intended for five dancers, is far from exempt from the rigour, perfectionism, and physical demands of the typical work by the company. Aesthetically it follows the visual research which gave place to former works such as Elkarrizketa Ilunak or In the Nude.

The choreography moves its five dancers across the stage with precision and ability, always conscious of everything—the lighting, elegance, and in constant communication with the scenic space, lighting, and the music. These elements jointly add to the enigmatic atmosphere of the play. With its painstaking composition, CreAcción flows through a chain of short events, duets, trios, and group work characterised by its poise and musicality. At times, the flow is breathtakingly fast, at other times, very calm, but it is always demanding for the individual physicality and group understanding.

An enormous plastic installation in white neon, created by Bacovich, dominates the stage, and gives shape to the actions. Far from being a mere decorative structure, the device is gradually transforming and constantly mutating during the performance. It acts as if it were the composer, a living being, taking decisions and defining the routes and spaces for the performers to dance. This is all made possible due to the resounding sinister music by Juan Belda, and the fascinating lighting designed by Nicolas Fischtel.

Most definitely, CreAcción offers a seductive sensorial experience at a time when the rigour and creativity characterising all of Metamorphosis Dance’s performances has taken a step up.

This play is the winner of two Max Awards for Scenic Arts 2022, for Best Choreography (for Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich) as well as best lighting design (for Nicolás Fischtel).

Premios Max
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Duration: 66 minutos.

Choreography: Iratxe Ansa e Igor Bacovich

Dramaturgy, set and costumes design: Iratxe Ansa e Igor Bacovich

Music: Juan Belda

Light design: Nicolas Fischtel

Light installation design: Igor Bacovich

Dancers: Igor Bacovich, Katie Courier, Kate Arber, Sephora Ferrillo y David Serrano

Technitians: La Cía de la Luz

Executive production: La Cía de la Luz

Management: Claudia Morgana – Danzas del Mundo

A co-production of Metamorphosis Dance and the Museum of the University of Navarra with the support of the Basque Government.

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