Drifting Out

Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich question the tension between human beings and nature in this new creation. The title alludes directly to the climatic crisis and the extinction of some species, motives that are rarely dealt with in dance pieces. For these artists though, this theme is one of the most relevant in our time and too important to be ignored.

Only by acting together, where each one plays a part, can we solve the problem of the climate change caused by man. Art perceives the world with all its senses and has a transformative power. The execution of this choreography and the way it is staged illustrate the personal interpretation these two choreographers offer of the threats our planet is suffering and how these problems affect human beings.

The contradictions are implemented at an aesthetic level, with a smooth, abstract dance performance, staged as a symbol of the hopelessness we face before the climatic crisis. The team moves energetically, elegantly, and dynamically in precisely coordinated trios, quartets, and group choreographies.

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Premiere: 6/11/2022

Duration: 26 minutes

Choreography: Iratxe Ansa e Igor Bacovich

Dancers: Catarina Abreu, Andrey Alves, Marioenrico D’Angelo, Edoardo Deodati, Victor Duval, Momoko Higuchi, Mari Ishida, Marieke Monquil, Saskya Pauzé-Bégin, Romane Ruggiero, Ana van Tendeloo, Matteo Thiele, Sophia Esmeralda Vollmer

Music: Bern Symphony Orchestra – Henryk Góreckis Symphony of Sorrowful Songs

Musical direction: Sebastian Schwab

Set design: Till Kuhnert

Light design: Jonas Bühler

Costume design: Catherine Voeffray

Dramaturgy: Isabelle Bischof, Bettina Fischer

Rehearsal assistants: Craig Davidson, Eva Zmekova

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