La sonnambula

Iratxe Ansa lays claim to the choreography for the opera La Sonnambula, which premiered at the Royal Theatre in Madrid in 2022, under the leadership of stage director Bárbara Lluch and musical director Maurizio Benini.

With its lucid modern feminist touch, this two-act melodrama with music by Vicenzo Bellini received great acclaim from the Spanish audience with the extraordinary soprano Nadine Sierra as the lead performer.

Situated in the Swiss Alps, this opera confronts the people from these idyllic lands with their own meanness, once they have been thrown into the abyss of mistrust and ostracism by the uncertain shadow of a vulgar suspicion. The sleepwalking of the main character acts as a revulsive necessity to awaken everyone from this collective nightmare, while simultaneously providing a culminating moment for a poetic score which has become one of the most long-lasting and resistant icons of belcantismo.

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Conductor: Maurizio BENINI
Production: Bárbara LLUCH
Set Design: Christof HETZER
Costume Design: Clara PELUFFO
Lighting Design: Urs SCHÖNEBAUM
Choreographer: Iratxe ANSA


Il conte Rodolfo: TSUMAYA Hidekazu
Teresa: TANIGUCHI Mutsumi
Amina: Rosa FEOLA
Elvino: Antonino SIRAGUSA
Lisa: ITO Hare
Alessio: KONDO Kei

Chorus: New National Theatre Chorus
Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra




Director musical | Maurizio Benini

Directora de escena | Bárbara Lluch

Escenografía | Christof Hetzer

Costume design| Clara Peluffo

Iluminador | Urs Schönebaum

Coreógrafa | Iratxe Ansa

Choir director | Andrés Máspero


Lisa: Rocío Pérez, Serena Sáenz

Alessio: Isaac Galán

Amina: Nadine Sierra, Jessica Pratt

Teresa: Monica Bacelli, Gemma Coma-Alabert

Notario: Gerardo López

Elvino: Xabier Anduaga, Francesco Demuro

El conde Rodolfo: Roberto Tagliavini, Fernando Radó

Coro y Orquesta Titulares del Teatro Real

Teatro Real production, in coproduction with New National Theatre Tokio, Gran Teatre del Liceu de Barcelona and Teatro Massimo di Palermo

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