Petrushka addresses universal themes. The main character is a puppet who comes to life and completely surrenders to a love that is, however, unrequited. His naivety is exploited by the magician. Because of his vulnerability, authenticity and innocence, Petrushka is a very touching character.

For this reason, we changed the plot slightly. In Stravinsky’s work, the villagers celebrate: a party inside in the first part. In our adaptation we do not show folk, Russian dances, but the gathering of a diverse society. In the second part, the magician presents the three puppets that are part of his show.

In the second part, the magician presents the three puppets that are part of his show. In the next part, Petrushka is alone in his room. Afterwards, his rival, who we portray as a nobleman, does not appear as a Moor, unlike the original. In the fourth part of the story, Stravinsky included a new scene in the village square; Only at the very last moment Petrushka and the other two dolls run onto the square, and Petrushka dies. We changed this to tell the story through Petrushka’s eyes. Instead of the party, we show his dreamy imagination.

Suddenly he does things that would be unimaginable for him in real life. So he can finally be with the ballerina and have the moment of his life while dancing with her. He can finally win in the fight against the noble. In reality, Petrushka is a fragile creature who would never win against anyone. He’s not strong. He’s not beautiful. He can only feel strong in his imagination.

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Music: Igor Stravinsky
Dirección musical: Mark Rohde
Choreography: Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich
Diseño de escenografía y vestuario: Marc Freitag
Dramaturgia: Judith Lebiez
Premiere: 1 March 2024
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