Portrait of an artist

We focus on the relationship between artists and their own ideas. We have contributed many of our own experiences, because we know very well this relationship with an idea in the context of a new work. Sometimes you are excited, sometimes angry or lost. This is our daily life, which the public often does not know about. The important thing is that we don’t tell a story, but rather we present what we have to say in different colors and perspectives.

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Theater Osnabrück

Premiere: 7/10/2023

Duration: 50 minutos

Choreography, set, light and costumes design: Iratxe Ansa & Igor Bacovich

Choreography assistant: László Nyakas

Inspizient: Lisa Kerschkamp

Dancers: Ayaka Kamei, Ambre Twardowski, Jeong Min Kim, Barbara Minacori, Emanuela Vurro, Chiara Sorrentino, Bojan Micev, John O’Gara, Esaul Llopis, Richard Nagy, Luigi Imperato, Francesco Di Feo, Sander Los

Music: Steve Reich – Duet


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