Prisma is an artistic creation that talks about violence and overcoming it, of strength, struggle, through a universal tale, which wants to look to the future. Concepts such as identity, commitment, strength, and transformation hover over this performance.

The phases of the internal process that a victim of terrorism goes through on the way to healing are the main ideas in the dramaturgy of Prism. The performance presents a series of events that make the choreography, music, lighting, and scenic space come together into a captivating sensorial experience for the spectators.

Metamorphosis Dance stages a process that passes from denial and dreaminess to loneliness and the void from the parting, which again turns into madness and sadness to subsequently arrive at internal denial, and eventually, manages to open up into acceptance and overcoming.

This suggestive play contains mirrors, shadows, and silhouettes interacting on stage with a body of six dancers to show the vital stages of the victims who stay behind to experience the conflict of their inner self: justice and forgiveness, chaos and dreaminess, sadness and love, madness and healing.

This is, no doubt, one of our most meaningful creations, due to its background and significance. We hope it will be a beautiful and reconciling sensorial experience for the audience. It is a path towards hope, which we want to share with all of you.

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Duration: 75 minutes

Choreography: Iratxe Ansa e Igor Bacovich

Dramaturgy: Iratxe Ansa e Igor Bacovich

Dramaturgy Consultant: Gregor Acuña-Pohl

Dancers: Kate Arber, Katie Currier, Sephora Ferrillo, David Serrano, Matteo Castelletta e Igor Bacovich

Music: Marc Álvarez

Set design: Mariona Ubia, Francesc Bonsfills e Igor Bacovich

Light Design: Nicolas Fischtel

Costume design: Iratxe Ansa & Igor Bacovich

Rehearsals assistants: Ruben Cabaleiro Campo, Ingrid Magrinya

Producción y dirección tecnica: La Cía. de la Luz

Management: Claudia Morgana – Danzas del Mundo

“Prisma is dedicated to the remembrance of the victims of terrorism. As well as paying homage to the ones affected by this type of violence, it attempts to spread the word for society to remember the ones who experienced this violence up-close.”

Prisma is a piece commissioned by the Memorial Centre for the Victims of Terrorism in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The grand opening of this performance took place at the Teatro Principal in Victoria on the 29th of September 2022. The preview of Prisma took place at the University of Navarra Museum in Pamplona on the 27th of September 2022.

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