S·Concerto is the title of the creation that Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich premiered in 2023 from the work by the Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporâneo de Portugal, founded in 1998 by Vasco Wellenkamp and Graça Barroso. With this fleeting poetic choreography, the artistic team made up by Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich, internationally acclaimed for their capacity to create unique experiences, were once again given free reins for their special method of creation.

The title S·Concerto is a play on the two Italian words concerto (concert) y sconcerto (disconcerted). With a feel of awe-inspiring magic, the choreography overflows the stage.

The stage set-up intervenes in the dance as yet another choreographic element. The dancers, confronted by the sinister music, advance in crescendo until they reach a climax of great intensity.

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Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporâneo
Vasco Wellenkamp

Premiere: 1/4/2023

Duration: 17

Choreography: Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich

Dancers: Beatriz Mira, Francisco Ferreira, I´sis Magro de Sa´,Maria Mira, Ricardo Henriques, Rita Baptista, Rita Carpinteiro,Sara Casal, Lucas Ribeiro

Music: Tenebre – Kronos Quartet & Bryce Dessner

Set, light and costume design: Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich

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