Supernovais an energetic avantgarde piece with which Iratxe and Igor premiered at the prestigious Basel Ballet Theatre.

On a cosmic stage, full of shining stars and black ashes, the couple creates a throbbing piece that takes the fourteen dancers to their physical limits. Led by the rough forces and the trembling sound from John Adam’s Shaker Loops, the performers are transformed into a single body meandering continuously under the constant strain.

Without supernovas, there would be no change, no life, let alone no humans. Fascinated by this cosmic phenomenon, both so explosive and destructive, yet also so beautiful, shining, and creative, the artists give life to this vibrant and emotional performance.

After this voyage to the most diverse metamorphoses, group constellations, and states of pure strain, comes the respite, and utter exhaustion that remain shining before our eyes. It is the glare of the extinct star: an interior transformation.

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Premiere: 28/01/2023

Duration: 31

Choreography: Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich

Dancers: Elias Boersma, Jared Brown, Daniel Rodriguez Domenech, Giovanna Doria, Diego Benito Gutierrez, Lisa Horten-Skilbrei, Gaia Mentoglio, Nolan Millioud, Marina Sanchez Garrigós, Celia Sandoya, Rachelle Scott, Giuliana Sollami, Sophie Vergères

Music: Shaker Loops – John Adams

Set design: Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich

Light design: Nicolas Fischtel

Costume design: Jorina Weiss

Dramaturgy: Sarah Brusis

Rehearsal assistants: Fernando Carrion Caballero, Jorge Garcia Perez

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