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Terms and Conditions of Use, Access, and Visualization

The present document regulates the terms and conditions for use, access, and visualization of the website located at the address: (henceforth: “The Website”), which includes all its pages, subpages, and subdomains. It is imperative for you to carefully read these terms and conditions, since the access, visualization, and browsing on the website entail acknowledgment and consent of these terms and conditions. 

The terms and conditions are subject to change or minor adjustments, which is why it is necessary for you to consult this document every time you visit the Website. 

Responsible for the Website

The title holder and manager of the Website is METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd, with address on Calle María de Lezo 2 – 3A Errentería, and CIF number: B05372115. METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd is registered in the trade register of Gipuzkoa as: T 2998, F 53, S 8, H SS 43754.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

All the contents of this website, including texts, images, sounds, files, brands, logo types, colour combinations, structure, design, as well as how these materials are chosen and presented, in addition to the computer programmes required for their functioning, access, and use, are protected as the intellectual and industrial property of METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd or its licensors. As user, it is your obligation to respect these rights. 

The brand ” METAMORPHOSIS DANCE” and its logotype are the registered trademarks of METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd. It is forbidden to use the brand ” METAMORPHOSIS DANCE” and its logotype without prior written permission from METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd. 

The access to the Website does not bestow any rights over the brands, commercial names, or distinctive trademarks. 

The usage, reproduction, distribution, public communication, alteration, public display, or any other such activity related to the contents of the Website is expressly forbidden without prior authorisation from METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd.

As a user, you may watch the content, print it, copy it, and store it, as long as it is exclusively for personal and private use, and by keeping the copyright, and/or notifications of intellectual and industrial rights clear to other viewers. 

Conditions of Usage of the Website

The access to the Website is free, except for the cost of Internet connection, and does not require any prior notification. If a service offered by METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd requires specific recruitment or payment, such access will be limited to registered users only. 

As a user, you are obliged to use the contents and services in compliance with current legislation as well as these terms and conditions, and NOT to carry out any activity that can overload, damage, or affect the functionality of the servers, networks, or the software pertaining to METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd or any third parties.

You must refrain from using the Website and its resources to:

  • Conduct illicit, illegal, or any other acts in bad faith, or that go against public order.
  • Violate intellectual or industrial property rights, or violation pertaining to legislation on protection of data or confidentiality of communication. 
  • Create or spread content of racist, xenophobic, pornographic character, that endorses terrorism, or infringes upon human rights. 
  • Insert computer virus, or any action that could damage the physical or logical system of METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd or those of third parties.
  • Obstruct the access for users to the Website by overloading the information resources. 
  • Perform actions that violate the privacy or image of third parties, or the property rights of any kind pertaining to third parties.
  • Conduct misleading publicity or unfair trade. 
  • Supplant the identity of other users or access their email accounts. 

The failure to comply with these terms and conditions will be communicated to the relevant authorities and METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd will cooperate with them. METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd reserves the right to take any necessary legal action in case of such incompliance. 

Exemption from Liability

METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd cannot guarantee the continuous access, nor correct visualization, downloading, or usage of the elements and information pertaining to the content of the Website. These may be inaccessible, difficult to see, or interrupted due to circumstances or factors that are beyond the control of METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd. Nor can METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd take responsibility for the information shown on websites belonging to third parties that may be accessible through links or searches on this Website. 

METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd does not take responsibility for damages, perjury, loss, complaints, or expenses incurred as a result of:

  • Interference, interruption, failures, omissions, delays, blockages, or disconnections caused by failures in telecommunication lines or any other cause beyond the control of METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd.
  • Illegal insertions through the usage of any type of computer malware, or any other kind of communication means. 
  • Improper or inadequate usage of the Website. 
  • Security or browsing failures produced by malfunctions of browsers, or the usage of outdated browsers. 
  • A presence of virus, malware or wrongful programmes in the contents that can alter the information systems, electronic documents, or data from the users, in spite of having adopted all the technological means necessary to prevent them.  In any case, it is up to the user to have acquired the necessary tools to protect them from harmful computer programmes. 
  • Mistakes or omissions in the content. METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd cannot guarantee that the contents will be permanently updated, and never be free from any kind of mistakes.

The exemption from liability indicated in this part will be applicable provided METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd has no precise knowledge of any activity or stored information that is illicit, or harmful to assets or rights for third parties subject to compensation. In case of such knowledge, it is the responsibility of METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd to act swiftly to withdraw such data and contents, or make it impossible to access them. 

METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd reserves the right to unilaterally carry out modifications deemed necessary on the Website, including changing, deleting, or adding content as well as services offered on it, with no obligation to give prior notice to users of such modification, other than the notification published on the Website itself. 

If, despite these efforts, you consider that on the Website, there is a presence of illicit, immoral, or illegal content, or something in violation of intellectual or industrial rights, or any other kind of rights for third parties, please communicate it to us immediately so we can take appropriate measures to change it. 


The links contained on the Website may forward you to web contents by third parties. METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd does not assume any responsibility for the content, information, or services that may appear on such websites. Links are intended exclusively for informative purposes, and in no case do they imply any other kind of relationship between METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd and the people or organizations behind such sites you may find. 

If you want to link to our Website, we would be much obliged, and only request that the link would direct to the home page ( to show the entirety of the Website, including its absolute URL. 

We expressly forbid that our content be placed inside frames, or be used by third parties in any other mechanisms that may alter the design, original configuration, or contents of the Website.

Privacy and Data Processing

METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd is committed to processing users’ personal data in accordance with current legislation on personal data processing. 

You may obtain more detailed information about the processing of your personal data on the Website, by following the link to our Privacy Policy.

Use of Cookies

The Website uses cookies to improve the browsing experience for the users and offer content adapted to their interests. To know more, you can see the detailed information by following the link to our Cookie Policy. 

Updates in Terms and Conditions

METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd may modify the current Terms and Conditions at any time, effective at the time of their publication on the Website. 

Jurisdiction and Applicable Legislation

The relationship between METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd and its users are subject to current Spanish legislation and any controversy or dispute will be tried in the Courts of Donostia, except if stated otherwise in the applicable legislation. 


You can contact METAMORPHOSIS DANCE Ltd through the following means:


Postal Address: Calle María de Lezo 2 – 3ºA Errentería